Cavalry in a Box

Sometimes interests help each other. I love writing. I love machining.
But when interests collide…

Journeys of the Clayfoot

The thrill never grows old, and lessons never end. Some lessons are more memorable than others. This was one of ’em.

A short story accepted for publication. As I expect, the editor asks for a few reasonable changes, but one…I have no clue what she’s talking about.

“First page is too rainbowized.”

The story is science-fantasy and is not an LGBT tale. I’ve made no mention of Noah’s Ark. No leprechauns gambol around pots o’ gold at the rainbow’s end.

I read the first page. Then again. I look at her comment, re-read what I wrote, and I’m just as mystified as before. I fire off an email. “What do you mean by rainbowized?”

This is a teaching editor with saintly patience. She wants writers to learn for themselves how to write better, to figure out what to do with minimal guidance. She replies with a hint. “Too many colors…

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About clayfoot2

I'm a Midwest writer, artist, tinker, and jane-of-many-trades with far too many interests. My primary genre is speculative fiction--science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, slipstream, as well as other sub- and sub-sub-genres under that wide umbrella--but I also write poetry and creative nonfiction. "Tinker" is the operative descriptor for me, although "juggler" works, too. I love working with a variety of forms and styles, so my stories range from traditional to literary to experimental. I have the boredom threshold of a three-year-old but the tenacity of a terrier when I'm on any project(s). I enjoy the challenges and adventures of the mind and of life. My husband and our dogs understand. The cat doesn't.
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