My Kind of Bling

Bling–the pervasive “in” thing nowadays. Jewelry, clothing, even cars are described as having it, and it somehow relates to a shiny, attractive, sexy image of those displaying their bling.

Ubiquitous as mosquitos in a swamp.

Apparently, it started with imagining the sound a cut diamond makes when light scintillates (pretty word, isn’t it?) on the facets. The meaning broadened to other showy (and shallow) things.

I suppose that’s fine for those who like their butt jeans sparkly, watches flashy, purses gleaming, rings glittery…


Show me a diamond-tipped drill bit, a diamond-impregnated grinding wheel, or a tube of diamond polishing compound, and my heart soars.

But it need not be only industrial diamond tools. It need not be only the machines to use such tools. The old Lindsay Technical Books catalogs had the same effect. (Aside: I always loved the catalog’s disclaimer and safety caution that started with If you’re an idiot, go away!) Once Lindsay retired, Your Old Time Bookstore continued offering those wonderful reprints of metalworking books, industrial techniques from long ago.

No gift of a sparkly ring could match the thrill I had when the 6 books of “The Essential Steam Library” order arrived. The reprint of Paul Hasluck’s 1907 edition of Metalworking : Tools, Materials, and Processes out-blings any overpriced purse and holds a place of honor in our household.

Glitzy watches–pah! The little 1912 reprint of South Bend Watch Company and Ward L. Goodrich’s The Watchmaker’s Lathe offers infinite possibilities for creating unique timepieces of my own design.

So, thanks but no thanks to all the sparkly stuff, whether it’s extravagant genuine glitter only the wealthiest can afford or knockoffs for people who want to look like they can afford it. The bling I like comes from sparkling minds, shining creativity, gleaming possibilities. It comes from transforming a gleaming idea from a sketch on scrap paper or napkin to a reality.

There’s one other major version I love. For the record, I married bling–my April man is 185-pound diamond. Some may say he’s a diamond in the rough, but he shines for me.


For anyone wanting to check out old-time technical books, the link is



About clayfoot2

I'm a Midwest writer, artist, tinker, and jane-of-many-trades with far too many interests. My primary genre is speculative fiction--science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, slipstream, as well as other sub- and sub-sub-genres under that wide umbrella--but I also write poetry and creative nonfiction. "Tinker" is the operative descriptor for me, although "juggler" works, too. I love working with a variety of forms and styles, so my stories range from traditional to literary to experimental. I have the boredom threshold of a three-year-old but the tenacity of a terrier when I'm on any project(s). I enjoy the challenges and adventures of the mind and of life. My husband and our dogs understand. The cat doesn't.
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